Official sites (when available) and MySpace links are provided for these writers.  Most are keeping the MySpace sites more current (for schedules etc) than their official sites.  Please check with the venues before driving long distances because show dates and times are subject to change at the last minute.  (This list is not all inclusive and writers are listed in no particular order.) 
Anthony Smith
Anthony's MySpace
Chris Wallin
Chris' MySpace
Rivers Rutherford
Rivers' MySpace
Eric Heatherly
Eric's MySpace
D Vincent Williams
David's MySpace
Craig Wiseman
Craig's MySpace
Tim Nichols
Tim's MySpace
Brett Jones
Brett's MySpace
Ray Herndon
Ray's MySpace
Tom Hambridge
Tom's MySpace
Bob DiPiero
Bob's MySpace
Brett James
Brett's MySpace
Gary Nicholson
Gary's MySpace
Johnny Microwave
JM's MySpace
Dillon Dixon
Dillon's MySpace
Dennis Duff
Dennis' MySpace
Donna Ulisse
Donna's MySpace
James Dean Hicks
James' MySpace
Wendell Mobley
Wendell's MySpace
Tony Mullins
Tony's MySpace
Marc-Alan Barnette
Marc's MySpace
Jimbeau Hinson
Jimbeau's MySpace
Greg Crowe
Greg's MySpace
Tim Buppert
Tim's MySpace
Wayland Patton
Wayland's MySpace
CJ Watson
CJ's MySpace
Jeffrey Steele
Jeffrey's MySpace
Matt Jenkins
Matt's MySpace
Julie Ferris
Julie's MySpace
Bob Clay
Bob's MySpace
Linda Smith
Linda's MySpace
Jeff Allen
Jeff's MySpace
Paula Wheeler
PWheel Music
Skip Ewing
 Skip's MySpace
Clay Mills
Clay's MySpace
Brady Seals
Brady's MySpace

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